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Main Street (Chapter XV) - Sinclair Lewis

... that some folks talk. It just shows and gives away what awful thoughts they got inside them, and there's nothing can cure them except coming right to God and kneeling down like I do at ...

Chapter 5 - Sinclair Lewis

... .     Babbitt blustered, "Why don't we just put our foot down and say, 'We're going on ahead of you, and that's all there is to it!' Nothing criminal in it. Simply say to Zilla?"     "You don't say anything ...

Main Street (Chapter XI) - Sinclair Lewis

... ! Mama and me are planning to go out to Pasadena and buy a bungalow and live there.? VII She had met Miles Bjornstam on the street. For the second of welcome encounter this workman with the bandit mustache and ...


Main Street (Chapter VII) - Sinclair Lewis

... a million hieroglyphics of rabbit and mouse and bird. She squealed as he leaped on a pile of brush and fired at the rabbit which ran out. He belonged there, masculine in reefer and sweater and high-laced boots. That night she ...

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