Shot your mouth off again lyrics by Ghetts

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Westwood Freestyle - Ghetts

... it like G I go affect it ma remefect you better lost if there were a suit in your wild mouth I no lick a man in a this! Don?t talk to me or even talk to a young child ...

Top 3 Selected (Remix) [FULL] - Ghetts

... top Left them at the bottom on the rocks Rolled past, now my boys wanna shot in on your blocks Yutes can't hold it up like an old man's willy when it flops You ...

Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower - Ghetts

... P Money wouldn't win this clash If he made every MC in Blueborough battle me Kill off your cavalry, casually Me run tings in the MC academy Pain, agony, that's what you feel ...


Autobiography - Ghetts

... 't with the set-up games Then Newham turned against me Like I ain't from the ends again Mike Skinner tour Mind's still on war Knife with me still I'm five-figure poor Why ...

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