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Olamide owoblow lyrics

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Always Been You - Imajin

... 're the only one my heart desires I gotta tell the truth, it's always been you Olamide I always thought about how I could get her But when I was with her I only thought about ...

Ever Again - Imajin

... to sleep i haven't been able to eat girl i just hope this is a bad dream (Verse 1: Olamide) Last night i heard you were leaving i'm all alone again you were my only best friend i' ...

Fresh - Imajin

... to do honey your so cool i wanna be your fool cuz she's... (Chorus 2x) (Verse 2: Olamide) The way she smiles something up her sleeve i wish it was me but the girl ...


I Don't Wanna Play Basketball - Imajin

... with the ladies in the coupes (the ladies in the coupe) i don't i don't i don't (Verse 2: Olamide) Don't wanna go to class cuz i din't make the team i'd rather be chasin... uh uh ...

It's Always Been You - Imajin

... if I'm down with you alone, baby I'm admitting I was only trippin you are my only love [Olamide] I always thought about, How I could get her But when I was with her I only thought about ...

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