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Life On The Mississippi (Chap. 45) - Mark Twain

... the house, and we may all join in and help, but there can be but one result: the most random topic would load every man up with war reminiscences, and shut him up, too; and talk ...

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Chap. 39) - Mark Twain

... , and that couldn't take long where there were so many hungry candidates. Indeed, they elected one straight off?Sir Hervis de Revel.         Bzz ! Here he came, like a house afire; I dodged: he passed like a ...

The Prince and The Pauper (Chap. 27) - Mark Twain

... lowering morning, and a light snow which had fallen during the night whitened the great empty space and added to the general dismalness of its aspect. Now and then a wintry wind shivered ...

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