Off topic one space lyrics by K-rino

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Perpetual Ascension - K-Rino Play

... for what I'm about to do I reach octaves that illuminated the hottest wattage And drop gothic topics while I plot with my operatives in a cottage K-Rino I boa-constrict the flow that you script Human DNA particles mixed with carbon pit I grab ...

Flat Vs Globe - K-Rino

... can both issue your case If the Earth is flat, explain the globe pictures from space There's satellites that take shots and photos of capture Those are fake computer generated images ...

Journey Thru the Metaphor Labyrinth - K-Rino

... great, they decapitate What used to be a rapper?s face is now only a neck under a massive space I?m half erased basket case Once my styles gas your place, they leave a 98 day after ...

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