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How a Class Becomes a Community: Theory, Method, Examples (Chapter One) - Cathy Davidson

... community-learning, peer-produced learning experiences including within the formal learning spaces of that most traditional university forms. Each student took on the responsibility of defining a unit and a topic. Each student chose texts, activities, and group exercises. Each became a leader ...

2.4 - Attention - Cathy Davidson

... explosive and way overcrowded, with way too many students relative to the amount of school space that was available. 3) The First World War was beginning. And already, although the U.S. didn't really ...

A Core Curriculum To Create Engaged Entrepreneurs - Cathy Davidson

... first-year students take FOCUS, an alternative to distribution requirements. Let?s say our liberal arts topic is ?Global Health Disparities.? Students take interdisciplinary team-taught health-focused courses designed to span ...

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