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The Three Sisters (Act 2) - Anton Chekhov

... dignity in his pose! [They all laugh. A pause.] IRINA. Why are you so silent, Alexander Ignateyevitch? VERSHININ. I don't know. I want some tea. Half my life for a tumbler of tea: I haven't had anything since morning. CHEBUTIKIN. Irina Sergeyevna! IRINA. What is ...

Peasant Wives (Full Text) - Anton Chekhov

... between you, and to make no sign, while I,' says he, 'will do my best to please her in every way, so that she may come to love me again.' He gave me his hand on it, drank a cup of tea ...

A Living Chattel (Full Text) - Anton Chekhov

... Vassilyevitch!" Bugrov began on seeing Groholsky, "such disorder . . . such disorder . . . Please sit down. You must excuse my being in the costume of Adam and Eve. . . . It's of no consequence. . . . Horrible disorderliness! I don't understand how people can exist here, I don't understand ...

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