Just give me a sign would it be a crime lyrics by Nathaniel-hawthorne

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House of the Seven Gables (Chap. 1) - Nathaniel Hawthorne

... pathless forest that still covered this wild principality should give place?as it inevitably must, though perhaps not till ages hence?to the golden fertility of human culture, it would be the source of incalculable wealth to the Pyncheon blood ...

House of the Seven Gables (Chap. 13) - Nathaniel Hawthorne

... summit of Gallows Hill. Again, when the lawyers were making inquiry for the missing document, it was a by-word that it would never be found, unless in the wizard's skeleton hand. So much weight had the shrewd lawyers assigned ...

The World's Cathedral - Nathaniel Hawthorne

... its penitents?? ?Father,? answered Hilda, trying to tell the old man the simple truth, ?I am a motherless girl, and a stranger here in Italy. I had only God to take care of me, and be my closest friend; and the terrible, terrible crime ...


Twice Told Tales (The Gentle Boy) - Nathaniel Hawthorne

... wellnigh sunk under my own share of this trial," observed he, sighing heavily; "yet I would that it might be doubled to me, if so the child's mother could be spared. Her wounds have been deep and many, but this will ...

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