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I Move With The Night - Big Scoob

... , making'em act right Nigga get your flashlight, you can't see me without it I doubt it, in a game tryna get something out it, nigga [Hook: Tech N9ne & Big Scoob] I move with the night I've been chasing paper, gettin' it, pushin ...

They DNT Want It - Big Scoob

... It's a jungle, the strongest survive Climb up the wrong tree, get shown a surprise A brand-spanking new, loaded Colt .45 I call it Gwen Stefani, known to "Blow Your Mind" Nigga, Eve to the AM, you can get got In broad day ...

If You Only Knew - Big Scoob

... knew Since you don't, you won't feel me [Verse 2: Big Scoob] All I know is hustle juggle, making moves to beat the struggle Staggering, but never stumble Trying to not lose the fumble Gutter child staying humble Ship it in, straight ...


Know Better - Big Scoob

... me for the moves that I made The jungle gets dark outside Got the heater as I'm headed out the gate Oooooh Oh Pledge allegiance to the streets, have mercy upon me Lord have mercy upon me [Verse 1: Big Scoob] Yeah Hypocritical ...

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